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National Eye & Ear of Tucson is a local, family optometrist offering personalized, expert services including eye exams and prescription glasses in Tucson, AZ. Our goal is simple; we want our patients in the Tucson area to enjoy the best possible vision through excellent clinical care and our comprehensive range of prescription lenses and contacts.

We are proud of the fact that so many people from Tucson and the surrounding area have regularly chosen National Eye and Ear of Tucson for their eye care needs. We work hard to ensure that every patient is treated with unparalleled customer care at affordable prices.


The eyes are your body's most highly developed sensory organ and play an important role in your quality of life. Therefore, it is extremely important to see an eye care professional regularly to help avoid serious health concerns.


At National Eye & Ear of Tucson, we understand that the importance of yearly eye exams goes beyond just making sure your vision is sharp and clear. Deterioration of eye health can also be an indicator of many other health-related conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. That’s why we use industry-leading eye-tests that not only assess your vision but also detect early signs of conditions that could adversely affect your eye health.

Our comprehensive eye exams use only the best in-eye examination technology to make sure your eyes are healthy and disease-free, including ocular health assessments, binocular vision assessments, retinoscope visual acuity tests, and many more. If you have any problem with your eyes, we’ll be the first to know.

If you are looking for the best places in Tucson for eye exams, call National Eye & Ear of Tucson today. Our range of examinations and eye tests will detect possible underlying eye health conditions and allow us to address them as early as possible.


Our comprehensive eye exams include a number of tests to make sure your eyes are healthy and disease-free:

Ocular health assessment

An optometrist will look under your eyelids and into your pupils to ensure that everything is healthy and works properly. If any issues arise, he or she will perform the necessary tests for diagnosis and treatment.

Binocular vision assessment

Any problems with muscles in your eyes could disrupt eye coordination, causing double vision or crossed eyes. Our eye specialist will assess the strength and coordination of the muscles associated with your vision.


A light will be shone into your eyes during this process, and a retractor or phoropter is used while you look at an object to see how your eyes reflect light.

Visual acuity test

In this test, you simply look at a chart where the letters get smaller and smaller as you read down. Each eye is tested to determine how well you can see at different distances. This test is the leading standard for contact and glasses eye exams. If any problems are detected, you may need glasses or contacts to correct your vision.


Our specialist Optometrists also provide personalized prescriptions to correct a multitude of vision deficiencies. Our extensive range of prescription glasses in Tucson from the most popular brands guarantees all of our patients a stylish, comfortable fit with crystal clear vision.

At National Eye and Ear of Tucson, we’re equally concerned about the long-term health of your eyes. We take all aspects into account when prescribing you a lense, such as your wearing habits, lifestyle, and previous prescriptions. Our specialists will give you all the guidance you need to select the best and most suitable eyewear for you.


As a local, community-focused eye care center in Tucson, we prescribe lenses for children and adults alike. Our friendly staff are trained to deliver eye care to children of all ages, so you can trust National Eye & Ear Tucson to provide the right eye care services for your whole family.

As 80% of a child's learning occurs visually, it is vital that children are regularly tested for eye health and, if necessary, prescribed with the correct lenses to mitigate any impact on their learning progression. Our Collection of children’s prescription glasses in Tucson offers durability and reliability for your young ones in fun and trendy frames so that they can see clearly and be more comfortable during their favorite activities.

If your child’s eyesight hasn’t been checked recently, call National Eye & Ear Tucson today. We’ll provide your child with every service they need to maintain long-term optimum eye health.


At National Eye & Ear of Tucson, we provide stylish and comfortable eyeglass frames in Tucson for every look and occasion. With eyeglasses in a multitude of styles from classic to trendy, we are sure you’ll find the right fit to match your personality.

We also specialize in fitting children's frames, including top brands such as Miraflex, Nano, and Dilli Dalli. With a comprehensive collection of family favorites, you will easily find a frame to fit your budget requirements.


If you're interested in getting you or a member of your family fitted, get in touch online or give us a call at 520-795-0553.

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With our experience, professionalism, and friendly service, National Eye and Ear of Tucson is the only name you need to remember to keep your vision clear. If you're interested in our services or have any questions, get in touch online or give us a call at 520-795-0553